Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Group Discussions - Digipack Alterations

After calling a group meeting we discussed everything that we had been doing and all decided to go against our original plan of using a circuit board theme throughout our digipack. Instead we chose to use new photo's we took and stills from our music video. We were then greatly influenced by the album cover of Chase and Status's album, No More Idols (shown below).

From this we used a still of the dog in our film and got a still image of it barking and incorporated it as the cover for our digipack. Then Louis took some photo's of me in the white mask and walking about, altered the images, changing the contrast, colour scheme and many other effects to give it an edgy feel. However only one of the images is in colour and the rest are in black and white.

However after further discussion we reviewed that our cover was to similar to the chase and status album, therefore meaning we had to start it all over again. This time we were thinking of using the white mask in our album cover, as this is totally individual and has not been done by anyone that we are aware of.
Later after further group discussions we decided to have to the inside of the digi pack all one image, using only the feet of our abbey road fake.
From this point we manipulated some of the band photo's we took at the beginning of this course, using Louis' photo shop skills to  turn the main cover, which consists of me standing against a brick wall with the white mask.  
After many trial with pictures, text stlyes we came up with a rough outline of what we wanted our digi pack to look like. With a consistant colour scheme throughout, which is linked with our website. However after gathering some feed back it was clear that it needed more colour to really engage our audience and to hold thier attention. So from here will work on bringing the pictures to life with colour, whilst still keeping the consistancy throughout our work.
This is our final and finished digi pack, we removed the image of the feet as it had no real resemblance to anything within our film. So instead we added an image we took a while back of a finger with what is ment to be an LSD tab, which helps keep the continuity through out all our media products.

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