Thursday, 6 January 2011

Similar Bands Album Covers

This is the album cover from chase and status, more than a lot. Black backgrounds with florescent colours are a great way of grabbing the attention of the audience and are commonly used amongst drum and bass artists. Simple text with a slight graffiti feel to it is also very effective as it is easy to read, but still interesting and eye catching.

This album cover from Spor, soyl samples, uses the same sort of colour pattern, with a dark surrounding background with florescent eye catching image in the centre.  The pill that can be seen is a common feature among this band. Most bands usually have a logo or style that they generally follow throughout their album art.

Pendulum’s album cover for in silico uses the same colour pattern which influenced us into choosing the colours we selected for our logo and album cover.  Bright colours on a dark background, with the band name and album name above the image.

After carefully analysing all of these and many other influential bands with in the drum and bass genre, we carefully selected factors from each album art work and developed them and manipulated them to suit our requirements.  We followed the same colour scheme using dark backgrounds with florescent and eye catching colours scattered about in an almost graffiti style manner. But as we are using a prodigy song, we tried to stay as far away as possible as not to look like we were simply copying the prodigy’s style.

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